June 17, 2017

Phantom Galaxy 19: Twin Peaks–Between Two Lodges


Welcome to Phantom Galaxy Episode 19. Time and space, good and evil, are turned upside down and topsy turvy as Nathan and Seth start their journey into Twin Peaks: The Return.

In keeping with David Lynch and the nature of this fascinating and often bewildering experience, our series will be more of a stream-of-conciousness discussion as we consider and wrestle with the ideas, imagery and themes that form the bubbling surreal stew that is Twin Peaks.

Note: This is complete spoiler territory. We intended to cover the first six episodes of the new series here, but instead we do a recap of the first series and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and then chat about the first two episodes of The Return.

We'll be back soon with episodes 3 through 6! Enjoy!

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My cohost for this series is Seth Dombach. You can find his new podcast, Going Deep With Seth Dombach on PodBean and iTunes. Check it out here: https://kloipy.podbean.com/

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